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Embrace the Path – The Only Constant is Change, So Embrace It!


Every success story is a tale of adaptation, revision and change.  A company that stands still, will soon be forgotten…Richard Branson

The ONLY constant in life… is change!  It is an interesting thought isn’t it?!?  Bodies, relationships, families, fashion, even the climate are constantly changing. Babies are born – while elders pass away. No matter what kind of change you may be facing, your attitude and approach are the key ways to leverage, innovate and grow during these times.  Here is the good news… as scary as change may feel, it can create great opportunity to transform and ignite growth in your personal life or business.

Life is about learning – once we stop the process of learning, then what do we have left?  NOTHING! This is why its important to learn the skill set to embrace change, and face that change with positivity and excitement. Change offers new opportunities.  By altering how you live your life, or run your business (in just a small way) can present opportunities that lead to more choices than you ever dreamed to be possible.  In my case they led to a more authentic and fulfilling life.

If you are hesitant to deal with change, don’t worry, you’re not alone!   It’s human nature to resist change, because it’s uncomfortable and unknown.  Resetting your own mindset is one of the toughest things for a person to do.  That is because mindsets influence your habits, behavior and ultimately the direction you take in your life. To do this requires self-awareness and taking responsibility for your thoughts and actions.  KEEP THIS IN MIND -  Whether it’s changing the focus of your business, having to learn new technology, or replacing a prized employee, you need to know how to deal with change. 

Being adaptable to change is a survival skill and a success skill.  Once you accept that change is necessary for growth, it can become exciting and new.

Here are 8 ways to help you embrace change in your world.

  1. Be willing to take a few steps back, in order to take many steps forward - this may be in terms of status, pay or other factors.
  2. Leave your ego at the door…Sometimes the biggest roadblock to change is you!
  3. Identify your objective – Why do you need to change and will the changes make a difference?
  4. Take baby steps – Too much change too fast, can be difficult for some people to absorb – and cause stress among your team or family.  Getting your team (or family) on-board will take a positive attitude from their leader and a roadmap that they can understand and get behind (communication, proper training and measuring your goals may be necessary steps in the process).
  5. Keep your end goal in mind – Know what you are working towards.
  6. Trust your team – You are only as good as the people that surround you.  In order to make big changes, it will take help, ideas and passion. New and different perspectives will help the process.
  7. Fail forward – NO ONE IS PERFECT.  We all make mistakes – it’s the whole human things we’ve got going on.  Failing forward means that you learn from your mistakes quickly, and don’t make them a second time.
  8. Accept the Change – Resist the urge to fight it, and you’ll be surprised how much easier life can be when you let go and “work with” change instead of going against it.  Go with the flow, live each day as it comes and enjoy the ride.

Progress is impossible without change & those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything… George Bernard Shaw

As a wife, mother and business owner, adapting to change has become a daily part of my life.  Here are some of the things that embracing change has taught me.  I’d love to hear your feedback and different skills that you have learned from embracing change.

 I’ve learned to be more flexible and not so set in my ways. 

It keeps me compassionate for others, by never allowing me to get to comfortable.  When you get to comfortable in your own situation, it can be far more difficult to understand what others might be going though.

It keeps life exciting by breaking up routines.  Some routines are good (washing your face & exercising), but others can leave you in a rut, which can lead to depression, boredom and stress.

It has revealed strengths I didn’t know I had – MANY TIMES!  Learning how to adapt and being forced to accept changes is a great way that I continually build my mental & emotional strength muscles.

Gandhi says…be the change you want to see in the world

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